Crazy Town Inflatables LLC Offers Bounce Party Rentals in Houma Louisiana

April 01, 2022 at 21:46

Crazy Town Inflatables, LLC, a company based in Houma, LA, is pleased to announce that they are offering bounce house rentals and other kinds of party rentals in Houma and surrounding areas within a 35-mile range around Houma, including Montegut, Cut Off, Thibodaux, and Larose. They have a wide range of inflatables and other party rental items, which means that whatever kind of party or occasion, they are likely to be able to provide what is needed, including tables, chairs, linen, generator, and more. More about the company and the party needs they provide can be gleaned from their website at

Crazy Town Inflatables offers various kinds of bounce houses. These include the: Balloon Bounce; Lucky Jumper; Marble Jumper; Party Jumper; and Tropical Jumper. Bounce houses can take a children’s birthday party or any other occasion with kids to a completely new level. Bounce houses have been gaining in popularity at kid’s parties because they are more entertaining and they are safer compared to trampolines. And they allow the kids to expend the enormous energy that they have plus they will surely have fun. Furthermore, rental companies like Crazy Town Inflatables have allowed practically every family to have the chance to try using bounce houses during parties without having to make a huge investment by buying one.

Crazy Town Inflatables, LLC

Also available are water slides, which are popular during the hot summer months. Examples are the: 13' Mini Volcano Water Slide; 15’ Fireblast Water Slide; 15’ Purple Crush Water Slide; 15’ Ruby Crush Water Slide; 18’ Blue Crush Water Slide; 18’ Cascade Crush Water Slide; 18' Dual Purple Wave Water Slide; 18’ Dual Swirl Water Slide; 18’ Fireblast Water Slide; 18’ Laguna Waves Water Slide; 18’ Rocky Marble Water Slide; 22’ Blazing Tides Water Slide; 22’ Dual Tropical Water Slide; 22’ Lava Waves Water Slide; and 22’ Tsunami Water Slide.

Combo units are also available through Crazy Town Inflatables. These are combinations of bounce houses and water slides. These include the: 5 n 1 Bahama Combo; 5 n 1 Lucky Combo (Wet/Dry); Dual Grand Slam (Wet/Dry); Dual Mini Kingdom (Wet/Dry); Dual Purple Haze Combo; Mermaid Combo(Wet/Dry); Mini Castle (Wet/Dry); Mini Monsoon (Wet/Dry); Mini Ocean Reef (Wet/Dry); Mini Purple Crush (Wet/Dry); Mini Sunset Waves (Wet/Dry); T-Rex Combo (Wet/Dry); and Unicorn Combo (Wet/Dry). Those who would like to know more about the company and their rental items can visit their Facebook page at

Inflatable Games and Interactives are also available. These include the: Basketball Challenge; Combo Sports Arena; Cones; Connect 4 Basketball; IPS Lighting System; Light Zone; Soccer Darts / Zombie Darts; The Vault; Velcro Wall; and Zorb Track. Also available are inflatable obstacle courses. These include the: 30' Grand Slam; 38' Nile River; 38' Red River; 47' Biohazard; 47' Tropical Paradise; and 63' Grand Slam.

Meanwhile, they would like to inform customers that their price includes set up and delivery. However, additional fees may be charged for locations farther out from their mentioned service area. Their standard rental times from from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. However, this can be adjusted based on the customer’s preference and the availability of the item. For those who want to hold the event in a park, most parks don’t have electricity, which is why they should rent a generator or bring their own generator. The surface for setting up the inflatable should ideally be grass, but it can also be asphalt, dirt, or concrete. Any type of rocks should be avoided because the constant rubbing can wear down the vinyl of the inflatables.

Crazy Town Inflatables LLC was founded on the philosophy that a child’s party should be a fun and no hassle experience with party rental available at competitive prices. As such, they are ready to provide bounce houses, water slides, inflatable games, and and the like, not just on special occasions, but at all times throughout the year.

Those who are interested in learning more about the inflatable party rentals available through Crazy Town Inflatables can check out their website, or contact them on the phone or through email. They are open from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm, from Monday to Friday. Those who would like to know their exact location and other important information can check out their Google Maps page at


For more information about Crazy Town Inflatables, LLC , contact the company here:

Crazy Town Inflatables, LLC
Walter Broussard
(985) 232-3691
LA 70364


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