Crawl Space Structural Repair Available In Kannapolis

August 04, 2022 at 16:26

Concord, North Carolina based Specialty Foundation Repair is providing crawl space structural repair services for the residents of Kannapolis and the surrounding areas. Specialty Foundation Repair was founded by Michael Masserang, who has been in the industry since 1993 and performed hundreds of foundation and crawl space inspections as well as repairs.

Masserang says, “Everybody knows exactly how vital the foundation of any structure is. Any and all issues with the foundation will lead to issues for the rest of the structure, and these issues can be very serious. If your home or workspace has issues in its foundation or crawl space, you need to have it dealt with as soon as possible. As a foundation repair consultant and basement/crawlspace waterproofing expert, my job is to help you solve your foundation problems regardless of the cause. Over my 20+ years of foundation inspections, I’ve personally experienced hundreds of examples of foundation failures, and I know the best ways to deal with all of them.”

According to Masserang, most of the fundamental issues with foundations and crawl spaces in North Carolina can be attributed to soil conditions. As foundations are more often than not built atop concrete that has been poured directly into the underlying soil, any issues with the soil can cause problems for the foundation. In Charlotte and the rest of the Piedmont area in general, the soil is heavily saturated with clay.

Clay is classified as an ‘expansive soil.’ This means that when it is dry, it contracts and is resistant to penetration by water, a soil condition known as being hydrophobic, or resisting water. This can happen in drought conditions. When the soil contracts, it can remove support from the very foundation of a property. Alternatively, when clay does absorb water, it can expand up to 10% of its volume. This expansion can exert tremendous pressure on the foundation, causing the structure to heave and bow.

Indications of issues with a foundation can also be seen in other areas. Sinking or sloping floors and gaps between floors, walls and ceiling are also key signs of foundation issues, as are walls bowing inward. All of these issues are caused by soil either contracting or expanding due to the presence or the lack of water — which should also highlight why proper water drainage around a property is very important.

Massarang says, “No matter what sign of a foundation problem it is that you see, you should act on it as fast as you can to ensure that your home does not suffer long term damage. Feel free to get in touch with me directly, and I will be glad to help you.”

Michael Masserang’s services have earned him and his company great praise from their clients. On their Google profile alone, they boast a perfect 5-Star rating. In his detailed review, Jeffrey Dekle writes, “This was one of the best interactions that I've had with a company. Called the company not knowing anyone in the area who could do a foundation inspection, and Michael took my call. He listened carefully to my description of what I was seeing in the house, asked several questions to fill in the gaps of my explanation and then talked with me for several minutes about the different possibilities for causes and what the various solutions for each potential cause might be. He scheduled an in-home visit for two days later and was both punctual and cordial. He walked through the house, allowing me to show him the symptoms I was seeing. When he was ready to inspect the crawlspace under the house, I asked if I could join him to see what he saw, and he was kind enough to lend me a pair of gloves and knee pads. He explained what he was seeing as we crawled under the house and was thorough in his assessment of the supporting structure. Afterward, he spoke with me at length and was very helpful. There is no one else I would call before Specialty.”

Homeowners who want to learn more about Specialty Foundation Repair and the range of services they provide are advised to visit the company’s official website to get started. Interested parties are encouraged to get in touch with Michael Masserang via email or phone; there is also a contact form on the company’s website which can be used for inquiries. Specialty Foundation Repair also maintains a blog space where they often post articles on associated topics.


For more information about Specialty Foundation Repair, contact the company here:

Specialty Foundation Repair
Michael Masserang
Specialty Foundation Repair
1700 Songwood Rd
Concord, NC 28025
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