Consultancy Service Helps Companies Set Up Shop In Cyprus

January 17, 2023 at 16:41

Global Serve Consultants would like to reach out to companies that may be looking to start doing business in Cyprus. Global Service Consultants helps corporate entities and companies in various European countries expand into new markets, focusing on businesses in Cyprus in particular. The consultancy service has helped a number of businesses set up all over Europe, and their experience in this area makes them an excellent choice for those looking to enter new markets. GlobalServe can help with company registration, incorporation and management of international companies, among many other areas.

Successful business people become successful by thinking ahead, looking to the future, seeing opportunities and making the very best decisions based on research and their sharp entrepreneurial instincts. Many in this group find that their research and entrepreneurial instincts are leading them to Cyprus, an island which is rapidly becoming one of the major business centres in Europe. The island has seen a great deal of investment, and a number of companies have opened on the island in recent years.

Global Serve Consultants says, “There are several factors that make Cyprus such an inviting proposition. For those exploring Cyprus company formation from English speaking countries, the fact that English is widely spoken, and used within legal documentation, is a distinct advantage. At the same time, Russian is also found in professional and the retail sector as well as in financial and tourist sector. There are also some highly lucrative tax incentives for those building their business ventures in Cyprus, not least of which is the incredibly low rate of corporation tax, the most generous level of corporation tax in all of the European Union at just 12.5%, as well the tax exemptions to capital gains and dividends received. Cyprus also maintains many double tax treaties, which of course brings even more tax benefits to businesses. Additionally, Cyprus has an excellent legal system based on the Common Law System of UK and experienced, efficient commercial banking.”

Setting up a company in Cyprus is easier than one might imagine, especially with the help of a consultant like Global Serve. Global Serve has access to experts in Cypriot law, investments and all other aspects of company formation. Their team of highly skilled, experienced individuals are always on hand to provide advice regarding any and all aspects of opening and running a business in Cyprus. Global Serve’s knowledge and experience, combined with an extensive island-wide network guarantee that any company looking to start operations in Cyprus gets up and running quickly and smoothly. The company consultancy helps with applications, legal documentation and anything else their clients might need help with along the way.

“Our team is a dynamic group of high calibre, multilingual, accountants, lawyers, business and tax consultants who are committed to provide prompt, competent and high quality service, driven by our customer oriented strategy,” Global Serve says. “Their skills, knowledge and long experience in a wide range of businesses and regions, combined with their commitment and dedication and their immediate response, are the key factors which are appreciated by our clients.”

There are a number of reasons why companies choose to work with Global Serve. 24 years of experience, over 2000 happy clients, 100 high calibre professionals and over 30 international business centres are just some of the factors that set Global Serve apart from other consultancy services. Global Serve is one of the leading firms in their field and has been in business since the mid 90s. helping with international tax advisory services, the formation and management of international business companies in several countries and so on. They proudly offer a holistic range of services, all aimed at making the art of doing business internationally many times easier for every one of their clients.

Get in contact with Global Serve to learn more about opening a company in Cyprus or any of the other countries around the world where the team is active. Interested parties may also visit their website to learn more about the firm’s capabilities and how their services have benefitted other companies.


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