Commonwealth Waste Solutions: Tips To Minimize Winter Damage To Septic Systems

December 23, 2022 at 16:31

Chesterfield, Virginia based Commonwealth Waste Solutions (CWS) would like to wish their community to wish them a wonderful holiday season and share some tips on minimizing winter damage to their septic systems. Commonwealth Waste Solutions provides solutions to all septic-related issues that the residents of Chesterfield might be dealing with. Learn more about the company here:

Jason Muzzy, owner and founder of Commonwealth Waste Solutions, says, “It's the holiday season, and we just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year! The whole team at Commonwealth Waste Solutions are all very grateful to have had the opportunity to serve our community and how much we look forward to doing so going forward into 2023. And seeing as how its another cold winter coming our way, we also wanted to take the time to share a few tips for how homeowners can take care of their septic systems to minimize the winter damage that could occur as a result of the biting cold.”

The first tip CWS shares is to use hot water. According to the company, a regular flow of warm water into septic tanks will aid in preventing the buildup of ice. This means that homeowners can concern themselves less over the health of their septic tank if they are in the habit of washing their hands, taking a leisurely bath or showering with warm water. By doing so, they will be helping the septic system and preventing a disaster in the middle of the winter.

The company also shares that it is wise to maintain a healthy lawn, as the soil that houses the septic system will benefit from insulation if there is a lush, healthy lawn of grass or other vegetation. Winter periods can be quite harsh on lawn vegetation, so this should be an additional reason to take good care of them. Similarly, the company recommends applying mulch. Spreading a solid, 8 - 12 inch layer of straw mulch on top of and around the septic system's pipes, tanks and drain field will increase the ground's insulation and help prevent the soil from freezing (and subsequently affecting the septic system).

Finally, Commonwealth Waste Solution shares that homeowners should never leave any cars parked on top of their drain fields. This is because the weight of the cars will compact the ground above the septic system, which will in turn help the cold penetrate below, and as established, septic systems should not get too cold. Additionally, parking cars over the drain field also prevents the area from being covered in insulating snow.

CWS is dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service to their clients in Chesterfield and the surrounding counties. The company prides itself on offering the most friendly, professional service possible, while remaining competitively priced. Muzzy says, “We want to gain your trust and earn your business through good old-fashioned quality service. That means that when you call us, you will speak to a real person who understands your needs and is willing to educate you. When you work with us, you will be working with a team of waste industry experts who know what they are doing and will do their best to make your life easier.”

The services provided by Commonwealth Waste Solutions have earned the company great praise from their clients. Frank Murphy writes in his 5-Star review, “First time I've used CWS, and I would definitely use them again. Called 2 days ago to schedule a clean out of my septic tank. The office person was friendly and efficient. Truck showed up at 9:45 (the scheduled window was between 9:30 and 11:30). Spent some time locating the tank lid and had the job done by 11:00. Even installed a replacement lid since my old one was cracked and broken down. Fair, reasonable price. Highly recommended.”

Those who want to learn more about Commonwealth Waste Solutions and the range of services provided by the company should visit their website for more information. Jason Muzzy encourages interested parties to get in touch with them directly via phone or email for any questions or concerns. Commonwealth Waste Solutions also maintains a presence on Facebook as well. The company’s Yelp page can be found here:


For more information about Commonwealth Waste Solutions, contact the company here:

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