Commonwealth Waste Solutions Issues Summer Warnings for Septic Tank Owners

July 25, 2022 at 16:14

Commonwealth Waste Solutions, a company based in Chesterfield, VA, has issued a number of summer warnings for septic tank owners. This is timely because it is during the summer that children are on vacation and families tend to use more water. More water use means more wastewater getting into the septic tank, which can lead to a number of problems. Their first warning is that too much wastewater during the summer months can result in the septic tank overflowing and causing a backup, which is a hassle for the home or business. Commonwealth Waste Solutions is a provider of professional septic tank services. More information about them can be gleaned by checking their Yelp profile at

They also warn against disposing of oil, grease, and other solids down the drain because these will end up in the septic tank and may cause it to overflow and back up. Additionally, as much as possible, no chemicals should be allowed to go down the drain because this can kill the bacteria meant to break down solids. The septic tank should also be checked to ensure it is properly sealed and maintained. And lastly, homeowners should make sure that they hire a qualified septic tank technician to check their tank at least once a year.

Jason Muzzy, the owner of Commonwealth Waste Solutions, says, “Routine maintenance is essential for septic systems. A well-maintained system will provide a safe and lawful means of waste disposal for your home's plumbing system. Proper maintenance will also be responsible for a healthy and operational system for many years.”

Homeowners often request septic inspections from Commonwealth Waste Solutions and it is important to note that they offer two kinds of inspections: a basic routine inspection and a more detailed real estate septic system inspection. The basic routine inspection for the homeowner is performed to determine the quantity of waste inside and to provide maintenance suggestions, such as effluent filter cleaning and septic tank pumping and cleaning. They will also offer the homeowner a basic assessment of the drain field to find out if it is working properly.

Moreover, real estate septic tank inspections are recommended for those who are planning to buy a home with a septic system. This is to ensure that the existing septic system is working as it should. The bank or the financial services firm will also likely require an inspection to provide the approval for home financing. As such, real estate septic inspections are more thorough than the basic inspection for the homeowner. The technicians from Commonwealth Waste Solutions will perform the same routine inspection for homeowners but in addition, they will access the distribution box and conduct a water test for the drain field to ensure correct absorption. If there are problems or potential issues, they will provide such information to the real estate agent involved, allowing the potential buyer to make an informed decision on whether to purchase the home or not.

Commonwealth Waste Solutions' primary goal is to always provide high-quality services to customers. They offer various kinds of services, such as commercial septic system services; pumping and cleaning of septic systems; and inspection of septic systems. Pumping and cleaning are an important part of the routine maintenance that is required for septic systems. And for those who are buying a home, it may be a good idea to get the services of septic tank professionals and have the septic system carefully checked to ensure that it will be working properly once the family has moved in. In addition to the residential septic tank services, the company also provides commercial septic system services, including septic tank pumping and cleaning, hydro-jetting, grease trap cleaning, septic system inspections, and routine septic tank services.

Those who would like to know more about septic tank pumping and other services offered by Commonwealth Waste Solutions can check out their website or contact them via telephone or email. They are open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, from Monday to Friday. Those who wish to visit their offices can check out their Google Maps page at


For more information about Commonwealth Waste Solutions, contact the company here:

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