ClearSight: What You Should Know About The SMILE Procedure

December 08, 2022 at 01:05

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma -

ClearSight LASIK, a LASIK clinic based in Oklahoma City, OK, recently published an article about the SMILE procedure. The article explains what the procedure entails and what some of its benefits are. It also answers some frequently asked questions, thereby helping ensure that anyone considering it will understand exactly what SMILE aims to achieve (and what results they may expect). The procedure has helped a number of Oklahoma residents achieve near-perfect sight, and ClearSight hopes that their article will show more people that it is possible to improve their sight nearly instantly with their SMILE procedure.

Small Incision LASIK, or SMILE, is the latest laser vision correction option to be made available in the United States. It is performed using the same lasers used for LASIK surgery but uses a different technique that leaves the surface of the cornea mostly untouched, which makes the recovery process many times faster and much more comfortable. The SMILE procedure is considered almost painless by most people, both during and after the procedure. ClearSight is the only location in Oklahoma that offers SMILE LASIK.

“The key distinction between SMILE LASIK eye surgery, LASIK and PRK is the absence of an excimer laser,” says ClearSight LASIK. “Instead, a lenticule (a tiny portion of corneal tissue) is removed after a VisuMax femtosecond laser creates a tiny keyhole surgical incision in the patient’s cornea. This combines the advantages of both LASIK surgery and PRK by reshaping the cornea and enhance eyesight. Like the other two surgeries, SMILE LASIK results in excellent vision correction and independence from glasses and contact lenses for patients. According to studies, the optical results of SMILE LASIK eye surgery, LASIK and PRK are quite similar.

They continue that, “a SMILE LASIK procedure may have a lower incidence of retreatment (enhancing or touch-up procedures) vs. LASIK patients or PRK. All three types of laser eye surgery have the ability to correct vision and eliminate the need for glasses and contacts for most patients. When you compare it to LASIK, the results are pretty much the same.”

Pricing is a major concern for many people looking to undergo any major procedure, and this is also true for SMILE LASIK. In comparison to how much the average person is likely to spend on glasses, contact lenses, solutions and other vision correction tools, SMILE is far less expensive overall — and it also eliminates the cost in mental health that worrying about vision incurs.

ClearSight LASIK’s article also talks about the effectiveness of SMILE compared to traditional LASIK. It states, “It is hard to say with certainty whether SMILE LASIK is more effective than LASIK or any other method of vision correction. Both treatments are quite safe and successful in correcting vision, and the precision of SMILE LASIK vision correction is comparable to that of LASIK. SMILE LASIK, however, could be a preferable option for certain individuals due to their way of life or eye type. Our experienced refractive surgeons at ClearSight LASIK have expertise in LASIK and all of its modern alternatives. They can decide which vision correction techniques are best for your individual situation and assist you in getting the desired visual result.”

There are many new vision correction technologies available now that were not many years ago. It is now possible to address and correct a wide range of vision issues and treat conditions which, in years past, might have been considered untreatable. Using cutting edge technology, ClearSight LASIK performs advanced procedures (like the SMILE LASIK procedure) to correct vision issues quickly and easily. They have the ability to customize their treatments thanks to their three unique lasers and top-of-the-line diagnostic equipment and software. Their lasers have been known to give patients vision that may be considered better than 20/20 vision, and ClearSight LASIK is always striving to provide the latest in vision correction to the people of Oklahoma.

For more information on SMILE LASIK and ClearSight’s many other vision correction procedures, patients may visit their website. The clinic can also be reached via phone or email.


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