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February 01, 2023 at 02:20

Palos Hills, Illinois -

Chicago - Insurance Navy is gearing up to commemorate National Car Insurance day on the first of February. While most drivers may equate car insurance as a needless expense, this day is all about reflecting on how much good it can actually do.

Insurance Navy is known for its competitive and low-cost approach to car insurance –both basic and full coverage. The company says there's no better way to celebrate National Car Insurance Day than saving on premiums.

Insurance Navy - National Car Insurance Day

While the goal of car insurance is never to use it, no one ever wants to be caught in an accident or collision without any coverage. It’s actually surprising how many drivers in the United States choose to forego car insurance even when it’s against the law. According to data, one in eight drivers in the United States does not have car insurance. That’s more than 20 million.

Another disturbing statistic is that at least 7.2 million car crashes occur in the United States every year. Mississippi is the state where crashes are most commonly reported at the same time.

National Car Insurance Day isn’t about all the doom and gloom that can occur while driving; it’s more so about how to save and protect oneself in such events. Let Insurance Navy be the master of ceremonies for this special day.

This day also exists to bring awareness and promote knowledge on something everyone has to deal with, but people seldom talk about it. Of course, all car insurance functions the same, so the real difference is how much every driver pays for it. Just as everyone pays differently, everyone can save differently.

There’s no grand backstory as to why National Car Insurance is officially observed –but it does date back to the 1920s when certain states like Connecticut and Massachusetts. The history of insurance itself in America goes back to Benjamin Franklin in colonial times. His Philadelphia Contributionship, started with firefighters he worked with, is often cited as the first property insurance company in the nation. Car insurance would find its footing in the late 1800s thanks to Massachusetts mechanic Gilbert J. Loomis. By the 30s, car insurance soon became commonplace.

Insurance Navy’s several Chicagoland locations are at the ready with open call lines like always. They offer free quotes and find the best rates and providers based on any budget and insurance needs. Even high-risk drivers can find coverage and agreeable rates. Visit Insurance Navy this year for National Car Insurance Day.


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