Bronx Child Custody Lawyer Juan Luciano Discusses Joint Physical Child Custody in New York

September 06, 2022 at 16:36

Bronx child custody lawyer Juan Luciano releases a new article ( explaining New York laws on joint physical custody. The attorney mentions that physical custody determines where a child will legally live. Joint physical custody means that a child would be able to move freely between their parents’ homes. Having joint physical custody does not imply a child would necessarily split their time 50/50; instead, what is convenient to all parties would be considered in the arrangement.

If parents don’t arrive at a consensus, the Bronx child custody lawyer clarifies, "If the two spouses can’t agree on how they will share the physical custody of their children, the court will get involved. As in all matters of child custody, the court’s main objective is the best interests of the children, not the two marital partners.”

Bronx Child Custody Lawyer

The court will also consider several factors when deciding the matter of physical custody, keeping the children’s best interests in mind. The children’s existing relationships with their parents, each parent’s parenting skills, whether there is a history of child or substance abuse, and who can better offer a positive home environment are among the factors the court will consider. Ideally, equal joint physical custody would provide both parents with a more balanced living arrangement. Once the court is involved, a parent could receive more legal and physical custody rights.

Attorney Luciano explains that children can bounce back from their parent's divorce. Children can still live healthy and whole lives even if their parents have fallen out of love. Something that could prevent children from living a well-adjusted life, however, is when there is bitterness in the divorce. The lawyer advises that parents try to iron out disagreements and prioritize the welfare of the children. Children are likely to experience more suffering the more prolonged and difficult the divorce battle is.

“It is important that parents try to settle their differences without the intervention of the Court, especially in relation to visitation and custody issues,” adds the New York child custody lawyer.

Lastly, attorney Juan Luciano emphasizes the importance of seeking the help of an experienced New York divorce attorney when dealing with sensitive matters such as child custody. A skilled lawyer may be able to mediate any disagreements in addition to providing legal insight and representation.

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