Brandon Medical Center Introduces New NAD+ Infusion Therapies

September 22, 2022 at 21:59

Brandon, Florida -

The health and weight loss center Brandon Medical Center, is committed to giving its clients the finest care. Their goal at BMC is to provide their clients with the highest level of personalized, high-quality preventative or as-needed care in order to achieve the best possible health outcomes. The Brandon Medical Center is an expert in a variety of preventative health and wellness topics, such as muscle strength, tone, and fitness, medical weight loss through medical management, appetite control, offering convenient diet meals, and enhancing satisfaction for both males and females through hormonal therapy. The company is Introducing NAD+ injections and NAD IV therapy, Brandon Medical Center provides weight loss services and much more.

The skilled healthcare experts at Brandon Medical Center are committed to collaborating with their patients to maintain and advance their health. To assist patients in achieving their health and weight loss objectives, BMC provides vitamin injection treatments and IV hydration therapy. They collaborate to provide for the medical requirements of the entire family at all phases of life. BMC offers their patients specialist healthcare services in a welcoming, comfortable setting. As they work with their patients to reach the finest physical state possible, they also believe in educating them to help them maintain their health.

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Cindy K of Brandon Medical Center says, “I’ve had many clients ask me about NAD+ and its benefits. It seems that the word is getting out regarding the benefits of supplementing our bodies wit NAD+. Brandon Medical Center has begun providing NAD in an injection form or via IV NAD therapy. Each solution provides the same benefits of NAD+, such as its ability to assist in mitochondrial function, which can help with tiredness, fatigue, and endurance. Additional benefits such as increasing our brain health and memory, or possibly even improving blood pressure and heart health. We notice that NAD+ has the ability to help our patients reach and maintain a healthy weight. The impact it has on our metabolism is one notable feature. We are very happy to introduce NAD therapy at here at Brandon Medical Center."

Regarding NAD therapy, Brandon Medical Center seeks to educate people as to what is NAD and what is NAD+. NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. NAD+ is a critical, naturally occurring coenzyme of niacin (vitamin B-3) that helps every cell in our bodies to produce energy. The new offerings compliment the health and weight-loss centers vitamin injections, IV therapy and weight loss solutions.

One patient notes: “I have had an ongoing medical problem requiring frequent visits. The staff are all absolutely fantastic and talk to you like a person, not just another patient. I think I find that the most desirable attribute of practically ANY business, but it counts more when it involves personal issues. Dr. Kilgore has the same type of bedside manner and easily puts people at ease.”

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Brandon Medical Center and its friendly staff are experts in helping patients achieve long-term health and weight loss solutions. BMC services Riverview, Brandon, Valrico and surrounding areas. Patients choose Brandon Medical Center for its staff’s extensive medical experience, innovative solutions, and relaxed treatment setting. Dr. Kilgore and his team treat each patient like family while transforming and maintaining their health. Individuals concerned about symptoms of low testosterone or other common health conditions can call (813)502-6430 or visit to schedule a consultation.

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