Atom Physics Launches New Company Website to Streamline Purchasing, Maintenance, Services and More

August 10, 2023 at 16:03

Atom Physics

BROOMFIELD, COLORADO AUGUST 2023 – Atom Physics, a leading digital x-ray company, is pleased to announce the launch of their new company website. The new website for the x-ray company will streamline purchasing, services, maintenance, and inspection requests for digital x-ray equipment. Company Co-owner Pam Arroway talked about the company’s unique history, and how this new website will help make their services more available.

“Atom Physics isn’t like any other x-ray equipment company, in that our company is the brainchild of a medical physicist, our founder, Adam Evearitt, MS, DABR,” said Arroway. “Adam had a vision for this x-ray brand that utilized his expertise as a physicist and helped him make a positive impact in the lives of people who depend on x-ray machines. At Atom Physics, we understand how important x-ray imaging is to the health community, and so we do our best to provide state-of-the-art equipment and quality services.”

The website features a sleek, easy-to-navigate interface that highlights the company’s products and services, from their x-ray machines to the free instructional videos. From the website, prospective customers explore their diverse portfolio of x-ray equipment and learn about the unique specifications of each product.

The company’s primary offering is digital x-ray equipment. Digital x-ray equipment is the preferred x-ray equipment for doctors and patients, as they reduce radiation exposure and simplify the imaging process. Their top digital x-ray machines are the Direct Radiography systems.

Their Direct Radiography (DR) systems are the latest in x-ray technology and boast streamlined, cost-saving features that make getting x-ray images easier and faster than ever. DR systems are set to replace traditional CR systems, which require many steps and processes to access x-ray imaging. Atom Physics aims to be at the frontline of DR system integration, by providing high-quality, expertly manufactured equipment.

In addition to offering the latest DR system technology, Atom Physics also offers equipment servicing, including x-ray machine inspections, repair, and more. Routine x-ray inspections are important to extend the life and function of an x-ray machine. It is also important for protecting the people who use the machines. Because x-ray machines emit radiation, a malfunctioning machine can pose a real threat to doctors and patients. Atom Physics can conduct a thorough x-ray machine inspection, noting any problem areas, and devising a comprehensive plan to repair or replace the equipment.

When it comes to safety, Atom Physics is committed to making using radiation technology safer in more ways than one. In addition to their DR systems with lower radiation exposure, the company also provides dosimetry badges. Dosimetry badges measure the amount of radiation a person is exposed to, ensuring that no one experiences excess exposure. These badges are ideal for people working in any facility with x-ray machinery. These badges can save lives and keep a healthy workplace environment. They even offer Instadose+ dosimetry badges, which last indefinitely and require little maintenance. The Instadose+ dosimetry badges are digitally programmed to measure any radiation exposure that goes against regulation standards.

According to Atom Physics, digital x-ray machines aren’t just ideal for doctors, but they also are also useful for veterinarians, dental practices, and security facilities, such as the military, courthouses, corrections offices, and more. In security facilities, the x-ray machines can be paramount in identifying weapons and possible threats hidden in backpacks, briefcases, purses etc. Because the machines can process imaging in record time, they can potentially help officers stop a lethal threat before it happens. The team at Atom Physics hopes that their new website will not only attract new customers but help people learn about the fascinating and important aspects of x-ray technology. Arroway talked about the potential the new website brings.

“We want our new website to help people understand why we take x-ray machinery so seriously, and how we are working to make x-ray technology safer for everyone who uses them. We also want to make it easy for people to contact us and get guidance on the right x-ray machine for their facility. We understand that x-ray technology can be complicated for people who don’t understand it, so it’s our goal to make it simple.”

For more information on Atom Physics, please visit their website. For media inquiries, contact Pam Arroway at 303-748-5499 or Their physical address is 530 Compton St, Ste D. Broomfield, CO 80020.


For more information about Atom Physics, contact the company here:

Atom Physics
Pam Arroway
530 Compton St, Ste D.
Broomfield, CO 80020


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