ArtResin Offers Resin Art Starter Kit for Beginners

June 29, 2023 at 16:37

Carrollton, Texas -

ArtResin, a company headquartered in Carrollton, TX, offers a beginner-friendly starter kit perfect for those venturing into resin art. This comprehensive bundle includes all of the necessary components to begin creating in this medium. It features 16 oz each of resin and hardener, 5 reusable spreaders, 1 reusable mixing stick, 5 pairs of disposable gloves, 4 resin stands, and an Artist’s Studio Torch (butane not included). ArtResin epoxy resin is known for the crystal-clear finish it gives to artwork, adding significant value while prioritizing safety and health.

With ArtResin, individuals can get creative through a wide range of DIY art projects, including keychains, personalized signs, coasters, tumblers, artwork, charcuterie boards, jewelry, customized trays, and more. As the beauty and versatility of resin art gain popularity, an increasing number of artists and DIY enthusiasts are embracing the opportunity to craft unique, handcrafted art pieces.

Resin Art Starter Kit

Customers who have purchased ArtResin’s starter kit have shared positive feedback. For instance, Sherry J. awarded it a five star rating and commented, “This is the best combination of resin start-up supplies I've found. Excellent quality and it's cheaper than buying everything separately.” With 128 reviews, ArtResin maintains an impressive overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

The resin art starter kit contains everything a person needs to begin their resin art projects. Using the kit requires four simple steps. The first step is to wear gloves and pour equal amounts of resin and hardener into a mixing cup. With coverage for approximately 8 sq ft, ArtResin’s 32 oz starter kit provides enough product for multiple pieces. For precise measurements based on project dimensions, ArtResin offers an online resin calculator. It is recommended to prepare a slightly larger quantity than the calculated amount to ensure adequate coverage of the artwork in one application. This helps avoid the need for additional mixing if it turns out that there isn't enough resin.

The second step involves thoroughly mixing the resin and hardener for a minimum of three minutes. Thorough mixing is important and will help avoid the formation of sticky spots that won’t cure properly. The third step is to pour the mixture over the art piece. Finally, allow 24 hours for the mixture to become dry to the touch and a total of 72 hours for a full cure.

Founded in 2008 by husband and wife artists David and Rebecca Zak, ArtResin was born out of their dissatisfaction with the resin options available at the time. The industrial-grade epoxy resins they experimented with emitted toxic fumes, causing headaches, and quickly discoloured their artwork, turning it yellow. After testing various samples from all over the world, they finally discovered the perfect solution in 2015. A Texas-based chemist created a sample that met their precise standards: a water-clear, user-friendly two-part epoxy resin that was safe to use, and free from toxic fumes and harmful VOCs. The resin included UV light stabilizers and hindered amine light stabilization (HALS) to prevent degradation and delay yellowing.

To learn more about ArtResin's products, interested individuals can visit the website, contact the company by telephone or email, or explore their YouTube channel showcasing videos demonstrating the versatile applications of ArtResin's products.


For more information about ArtResin, contact the company here:

Rebecca Zak
(877) 401-4001
2300 Apollo Circle
Carrollton, TX 75006


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