Announcing The Next Level of Food Slicing & Sanitation Explained With A 3D Product Animation

January 24, 2022 at 19:54

Tulsa, OK -- Urschel Laboratories came to Industrial3D to produce a 3D product animation of the TranSlicer 2520 Cutter. A newly designed product meets the demand for increased processing and sanitation. This slicer is designed to make fresh-cut salads, vegetables, and fruits for commercial food processing. In addition to the slicing capabilities, it is precisely engineered to promote water drainage, taking sanitation to the next level. The 3D visualization of this product makes it easy to understand by seeing the moving parts, pieces, and water in fluid animation.

Industrial 3D Uschel Laboratories 3D slicing

A great quote for an amazing product, "Precision, High Capacity Slicing Meets Next Level Sanitation." With a 3D product animation, the visualization promotes the development of next-level marketing capabilities. By displaying the design concept, viewers can understand how the TranSlicer 2520 reduces cleaning times and gives access to every machine area. The technical details of such machinery can only be seen in the marketing process by using 3D product animations. The likelihood of customers understanding the product increases significantly by providing a visual source of information.

The use of product animations to sell commercial food products is increasing in popularity due to the improved sales by allowing potential clients and customers to see the product in use. It also increases understanding of the engineering details involved in machinery, equipment, and products of all types. Learn more about industrial product animations by visiting

A great way to view the use of 3D media in product marketing & development is that one can easily understand through visual means. 3D product animations open up many possibilities to let the creativity flow and stay true to the company's brand.

According to nationwide statistics, the global animation market continues to grow by hundreds of billions of dollars each year. As a result, the future of marketing, sales, training, and internal company material is sure to include product animations.

About Industrial3D: Industrial3D is a 3D animation & virtual reality studio embracing the most current, cutting-edge 3D technology. Industrial3D's goal is to help companies visually impress and engage their audience to increase sales, revenue, and efficiency. 3D animation, VR, and 3D graphic design communicate a product's value in an easy-to-understand and highly impactful format.

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