Aaron Parker Releases How to Start a Pressure Washing Business Book on Amazon

October 06, 2022 at 15:21

Aaron Parker, owner of Nashville Roof Cleaning & Pressure Washing in Nashville, TN, is pleased to announce the release of his book titled “How to Start a Pressure Washing Business” in Amazon. This book contains a compilation of 101 pressure washing questions that were asked in his YouTube channel - Aarons Lean & Mean Academy. He tried to answer all of the questions in such a way that they could fit into this book. He wants to emphasize that the book is not suitable for some people, especially those who love to complain, those who feel entitled, and those who disagree with the system of doing business. On the other hand, it is for people who want to know how to get some pressure washing training, want to be in control of their own schedule, want to sign their own checks, and desire to have the time to spend with their children.

Aaron Parker says, “I am so immensely grateful because Pressure Washing was my ‘restart’ at life. It gave me the freedom I had always wanted and allowed me to be with my son more often. It also opened up so many opportunities for me and partnerships I never could have dreamed of. I know it can do the same for you...if you want it badly enough.”

One example of a question answered in the book is whether it is possible to use a pressure washer for soft washing. Another important question is whether bleach is actually biodegradable. This is because there is an ongoing controversy about this topic. Another important question is the most efficient method of measuring properties to be able to offer an accurate quote. There is also the question of how to “break the news” existing customer about a price increase. Another good question is the best pressure washer that be bought for $2,500. There is also the possible pitfall of Google Ads that only veteran pressure washing contractors are aware of. And then there is the big lie about Wix website and low-cost template website builders.

Another important question is how professionals stay in compliance with the regulations of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). There is also the issue about using the customer’s water and whether to charge less because of it. There is also the warning on how creating a partnership may destroy the pressure washing business from the inside out. And there is also the issue on whether it is better to charge by square footage or by the hour.

Founded in 2016, Nashville Roof Cleaning & Pressure Washing offers pressure washing cleaning services for homes in Nashville and surrounding areas, including Franklin, Cool Springs, Brentwood, Belle Meade, Bellevue, Forest Hills, Hendersonville, Green Hills, Madison, Donelson, Ashland City, Oak Hill, Annandale, Princeton Hills, Governors Club, Berry Hill, Thompsons Station, Arrington, Nolensville, Leipers Fork, and Murfreesboro. They offer two types of pressure washing: high pressure spray washing and soft washing. High pressure washing is the traditional method of pressure washing and it is appropriate for stubborn dirt on driveways, concrete walkways, patios, and pool decks. Their team members have expertise in determining the amount of pressure and this can be adjusted precisely to ensure the pressure is sufficient to get rid of the dirt and grime while not damaging the wood or concrete. Soft washing or low pressure washing employs unique environmentally safe chemicals instead of relying on the spray pressure to eliminate dirt, grime, and organic matter.

They typically offer soft washing services for roof and siding to ensure they are clean and beautiful without damaging the roofing and siding materials. With soft washing, the pressure of the water will have less impact on the cleaning process. Instead, the cleaning will depend on the high quality solutions that are environmentally friendly but can soften up the dirt and grime on the roof and sidings.

People who would like to know more about the pressure washing business book or the roof cleaning and pressure washing services available in Nashville and surrounding areas can visit the Nashville Roof Cleaning & Pressure Washing website or contact them through the phone or by email.


For more information about Nashville Roof Cleaning & Pressure Washing, contact the company here:

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