What is the new Instagram feature that aims to make viewing stories easier?

March 19, 2023 at 07:12

The social network will allow the user to have quick access to the stories of up to three users while reviewing the feedwithout having to go up to where the stories appear

The company Meta, owner of Instagram, is working on a new function that will make it easier for users of said social network to view stories while reviewing photos and videos in the feed.

The immersed engineering expert, Alessandro Paluzzi, reported that the application is developing some buttons that will allow the user to have faster access to the latest stories of the accounts they follow while browsing the feed from the social network.

“Instagram is working on a fast way to reach the stories when you scroll through the feed,” he wrote on his Twitter account on March 14.

#Instagram is working on a quick way to reach Stories when scrolling through the feed 👀 pic.twitter.com/437k3XCJOX — Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a) March 14, 2023

He also added that the function will be available for both the iPhone iOS system and Android.

Although Paluzzi did not announce a date for the launch, the image he shared shows a button with the three most recent stories from the users that are followed.

Another option that Instagram will include in the stories will be that of “shared stories”, a tool that will allow collaboration through the stories, just as it is done with the publications of the feed. However, this feature is not yet available to all users.

Other features Instagram is working on

This is not the only feature that Instagram plans to launch this year. According to Paluzzi himself, the social network also seeks to include music in the carousels and individual photos posted on the user’s profile.

Paluzzi posted a sneak peek of what a post with music would look like on Instagram in November 2022, but for months he didn’t say anything about it again. However, in early March 2023 he republished the information, so this new feature is still in development.

Instagram currently only allows music to be included in Reels and Stories.

Other functions that Instagram works on are: editing messages through chat and sticker of the Top 3, which will allow you to choose three: accounts, audio, labels or places.

Foto: @alex193a / Twitter

The new dynamic profile picture

In January 2023, Instagram introduced a new dynamic profile photo feature that will allow users to display both their profile photo and avatar.

This novelty allows you to add your avatar to the other side of your photo and people who visit your profile can see both.

Meta created avatars for the first time in 2020 for Facebook and Messenger and in 2022 incorporated them into WhatsApp, in addition to Instagram allowing them to be used in chats and as reactions in stories, but now they can also be seen next to the profile photo.

Followers will be able to interact with both when they swipe over the profile image to see one or the other.

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