Sharing discoveries from Chinese shops.

March 19, 2023 at 10:08

Popular among owners of iPhones, iPads and MacBooks, inexpensive dual-port Essager GaN charging adapters at 30/33 watts. Supports fast charging QC 3.0 and Power Delivery, can power macbooks, has two ports – USB-A and Type-C. Charges iPad Pro from scratch in 2 hours.

Cheap from the same manufacturer three-port universal GaN adapter for 65 watts. One Type-C port can output 65 watts, two ports simultaneously output 45 and 20 watts and can power/charge two respective laptops. Also, the adapter can simultaneously charge, for example, a smartphone, tablet and game console.

Protective covers for electronic 6-inch readers in vintage style. Water-repellent material reminiscent of craft paper. It closes with a flap with hidden magnetic buttons.

Inexpensive wireless security camera with FullHD/2K/2.5K resolution from a very well-known manufacturer. To monitor the house, children, pets. It can be placed on a horizontal surface or mounted under the ceiling with the supplied mounting bracket. 360-degree view (the camera can rotate), there is a microphone for two-way audio communication. Able to warn through the application of motion detection.

A new version of a very advanced electric toothbrush Oclean X Pro Elite. It has a color touch screen, which displays data on the duration of cleaning, on the effectiveness of cleaning certain areas, and so on. Has moisture protection. Supports four operating modes with 32 intensity levels. It can be controlled through an application for iOS and Android, where, in addition to tracking information, you can create your own settings. The maximum battery life is up to 40 days. It comes with a 2-in-1 charger that doubles as a magnetic wall mount.

Comfortable wireless multifunction lamp with magnetic fastening on the holder with double-sided tape. Three color temperature options, smooth brightness change, touch control, easy installation (you can pick up the lamp if necessary), you can set the operating time. Three colors, there are options with a remote control. Can serve as a night light, can be used for a variety of tasks.

Inexpensive and roomy canvas backpack Johnny the Tramp. Two sizes and as many as six color options.

Big choice multifunctional docking stations Orico for modern laptops: from “5 in 1” to “10 in 1” – you can choose the option you need so as not to overpay for excessive functionality.

Men’s cozy fleece sweatshirts with a zip fastening, two capacious pockets and elastic bands on cuffs. Two colors and various sizes (check the table). I ordered a beige one, I love these.

The thing seems to be simple and very inexpensive, but very useful – umbrella holder with moisture collector. It consists of two parts – a holder and a tray (this is for cane umbrellas). Attaches to the wall with double sided tape. Two colors, removable container. There is a version only for folding umbrellas, there is a universal version: for walking sticks and folding umbrellas.

Aluminum waste container for car 500 ml with resealable lid and replaceable trash bag. For leftovers from food, used napkins and so on. The lid does not let in odors. The garbage bag can be easily replaced with a new one. Fits in cup holder, side pocket, seat net and so on.

I have everything for today. Share what you find interesting in the comments. I remind you of the rule: one user – one device, and it is very desirable that you test this yourself.

I also warn you that any offtopic is not allowed in the comments to this issue.

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