Occitalien Association Provides Humanitarian Aid to Earthquake-Ravaged Morocco

September 19, 2023 at 00:05

Having just returned from Ukraine, Jean-Philippe, a volunteer from the Occitalien association, and president Pascal Serrier restarted the engine of the van offered by the Occitanie regional council to head towards Morocco.

Such a quick new start which was not planned. It is due to the very violent earthquake which devastated Morocco and more particularly the Marrakech region. The number of killed and injured is in the thousands, not to mention the houses were completely destroyed. A real humanitarian disaster.

President Pascal Serrier is very clear “the Occitalien humanitarian association aims to help the most vulnerable people and it is normal that we are mobilized, today for Morocco.

In addition, it was also the call for help from Sylvie, a volunteer from our association on site who explained to me the dramatic situations that people were experiencing there.” The two men left Montauban to go to Amizmiz located in the mountains 60 km from Marrakech, the epicenter area where 80% of houses and infrastructure are destroyed.

On site, the Occitalien association is in contact with Atika, a women’s protection association which will be responsible for distributing the 9 m3 of medical equipment, survival blankets and basic necessities.

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