Masterfully Remade Gamecube Classic: A Game Review

March 19, 2023 at 01:23

Game: Metroid Prime: Remastered

Format: Nintendo Switch

Age limit: 12, Grade: 5/5

In an industry where it’s not uncommon to wait several years between a game’s announcement and actual release, surprise releases are always refreshing. When Nintendo suddenly announced during a live broadcast on Youtube Metroid Prime: Remasteredand in the same breath made it available for purchase, happiness was total for all Switch owners with a pent up Metroid Prime-need.

Okay, it didn’t turn out to be the complete trilogy collection that many were hoping for after the rumors of the last few years (not yet, at least). But the good news is that the game we’re actually getting – the original, the one that started it all – has been revamped to an extent that few, if any, anticipated.

The word “Remastered” should not be attached any particular importance to, as the graphic upgrade in reality corresponds to any full-scale “remake”. Every little visible surface, detail and effect has been replaced and refreshed with new graphics of absolute top class – and everything flows like a dream.

Exploring the mysterious alien planet Tallon IV with Samus Aran and her iconic abilities (like being able to curl up into a small ball), is impressively just as immersive an experience today as it was 21 years ago. The meticulously constructed game world, filled to the brim with dangers, unknown objects to scan, items to find and new atmospheric areas to discover, still has something very special.

A worthy new version of a nicely aged classic in every way.

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