How To Log Out Of Netflix On A TV And Why You Might Need To

January 25, 2023 at 22:58

The most obvious issue when it comes to logging into your Netflix account and leaving yourself signed in on a public device is that almost anyone who has access to the device can watch content on the platform through your login. If they use your personal profile, they can mess up your place in the shows and movies you are currently in the middle of watching and can bork your personalized recommendations from the streaming service, which may end up highlighting titles that are of no particular interest to you. If they don't use your profile and create their own one, they're essentially piggybacking on your account — and depending on your Netflix plan, you may get kicked off the app if too many devices are trying to watch using the same account.

The maximum number of devices that can watch on a single Netflix account is four, and that's only for those who have a Premium subscription (per Netflix). If you leave your Netflix account logged in on too many devices, you may run into errors and be unable to watch anything yourself. In addition, if you happen to have young kids who also watch Netflix at home, they may inadvertently access a profile someone else created and be able to watch titles that are not age-appropriate.

To avoid all these things from happening, you should make it a habit of logging out of Netflix on any device you know you won't be using the service on again anytime soon.

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