Arce Addresses Unity While Morales Challenges Proposal to Depart from Traditional Methods

March 19, 2023 at 06:40

In the ninth expanded MAS meeting in Santa Cruz this Saturday, President Luis Arce gave a speech in which he spoke of unity, while the leader of the Movimiento Al Socialismo, Evo Morales, questioned the request to remove the “old bagel” from political instrument.

“We are sure that we are going to come out with a central, invaluable element, a sine qua non condition for success is unity, unity of the political instrument, unity in our social organizations, unity of the people. Unity is the sine qua non requirement to win for the right,” Arce remarked, quoted by ANF.

In his speech, the leader of the political instrument Evo Morales also referred to the importance of the internal unity of the party, but questioned that by way of renewal they want to separate the old bagel from that party.

“Unity is not spoken, unity becomes compañeras and compañeros, but to create unity (one must have) a lot of patience. Let’s be honest, some say unity, but they want renovation and they say old thread, out old thread. That is not unity. Unity is to be together the old and the young”, he affirmed.

The meeting took place this Saturday in the coliseum of the municipality of Yapacaní de Santa Cruz, where the new departmental board of the political instrument will be elected. Morales was the first to arrive at the meeting, shortly after the president arrived.

Arce and Morales sat together on the front, but the distant handshake they gave each other drew attention, compared to the hug they had with the president of the Senate, Andrónico Rodríguez, and of the Chamber of Deputies, Jerges Mercado.

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