Apple TV 4K 2022

November 25, 2022 at 00:48

I just hooked up my new Apple TV 4K 128GB 2022 model to my Samsung Q90 TV last night, upgraded from last year's Apple TV 4K 2021 model (which has now been moved to my bedroom). Anyway, I've been experiencing sound issues since the new device...sound will cut out for about 3-5 seconds...sometimes it will be silent, other times it will be this really loud radio-like interference noise. I performed a factory reset on the Apple TV this morning but I'm still having the same sound issues. I thought maybe it was the YouTube TV app but am experiencing the issue on Apple TV+ app, Peacock, Paramount +, etc.I've never experienced this with past Apple TV 4K models, just the new 2022 model. I've seen some threads online about these Apple TV sound issues, but most of those threads are from years ago.I'm going to do an exchange on this new Apple TV device for the same one...hoping I just got a defective model. If the swapped device is still giving me issues I guess I'l have to buy last year's model.It's a shame because the HDR10+ on the new model is amazing - big difference from previous models.I've ruled out the HDMI cables, my Samsung TV and my Samsung soundbar as being the problem...since hooking back up last years Apple TV model, the sound issues no longer exist.

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