A fresh website is set to reveal if your mobile phone is equipped with a Samsung OLED display.

March 19, 2023 at 06:47

As is known, the South Korean giant Samsung, or rather its Samsung Display division, certainly does not supply mobile or other screens only to devices under this brand. Its modern OLED displays can be found, for example, in iPhones or phones from Xiaomi, ASUS or OnePlus. Is this also the case with your mobile phone? Maybe you don’t even know. In order to make it easier for customers to navigate in this regard and at the same time to warm up the company in an efficient way, it started web OLED Finder. On it, you can check whether a specific device has this type of display from Samsung.

Already new website, which is currently running as a beta version, currently has a search filter set up with approx. 700 phone models from several brands. For all mobile phones present, a Korean company to people with joy announces that they actually have a device with their OLED display and “made the right choice” in choosing. This is evidenced by the statistics that seven out of ten users of OLED displays have a panel from Samsung in their mobile phone.

For example, the aforementioned iPhones are still missing from the search engine, however, the company will surely add other devices soon. AND it will not only be phones, but also laptops and televisions, which will make the list grow massively. In this way, Samsung creates a practical overview for consumers and at the same time a great advertisement for its own production.

In how many mobiles have you had a Samsung OLED display?

Source: sammobile

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